Adding Lessons and Examples to a Learning Community


Lessons and examples are where community members share what they know and what they've done.

Adding a Lesson or Example to a Learning Community:

  1. Make sure you're enrolled in the Learning Community
  2. Visit the Community gateway page
  3. Be certain if you want to add a Lesson or an Example
  4. Plan the materials you want to add, it's best to make an outline first
  5. Click the "Add your knowledge" link and choose "Lesson" or "Example" from the list.
    (The process is the same for both, the following instructions are based on a Lesson.)
  6. On the Add form, type a Name and Description and click "Create Lesson..."
  7. Lesson add
  8. The next page is where you finish your Lesson:
    1. Make sure you provide complete information that doesn't duplicate any other Lesson.
    2. Type and format your Lesson content.
    3. Set an appropriate SkillScale value. (See note below about SkillScale values.)
    4. Assign your Lesson to appropriate Subtopics.
    5. Complete the process by clicking the "Update Lesson" button.
    6. Lesson edit
  9. Important note: Lessons use SkillScale values from 1 to 750. Examples use SkillScale values from 250 to 1,000.